• BiovaFlex® is a super-premium ingredient with a substantial clinical study
  • Highlights of the clinical study
  • In a category segment which is very saturated with hundreds of products, how do you build consumer confidence? We introduce ‘soluble egg membrane’ the latest discovery in joint wellness
  • We use clinically proven ‘herbal blends’ which act as a magnifier to ingredient properties. This proprietary osteo-complex is one of the secrets to maximum performance in our ‘joint formula’

biovaflexWe have partnered with Biova® a research and development firm with a new patent process in extracting ‘egg membrane’. Motion5™ IS NOT EGGSHELL membrane. It is superior. Biovaflex® patent process removes unwanted and unneeded additional calcium. The membrane is the key to increased mobility, flexibility and reduction in inflammation.


This thin proteinaceous layer between eggshell and egg white also contains health nutrients. Many of the nutrients such as collagen, glucosamine and perhaps hyaluronic acid are extremely important for joint health and help to control inflammation.

This blend of eight herbs is designed in accordance with an important theory of traditional Chinese medicine that “the kidney governs the bones”. It is a proprietary herbal formulation produced by a unique process where the herbs are extracted together resulting in a homogeneous, concentrated blend of a full spectrum of herb components.

Citrate and Malate’s forms are buffered, chelated, with enhanced bioavailability. The lactic is very water soluble making if very effective with persons having digestion challenges.

Natures identical form of the mineral boron and directly involved with calcium absorption due to high bioavailability. Helps with reducing inflammation associated with bone and joint discomfort.

Methylcobalamin may be very influential in reducing risk of prostate cancer. (K1 does not offer any prostate benefits) Promotes healthy skin, brain function and protects against heart disease.

This seed extract contains a class of antioxidants known as proanthocyanidins. It may also help lower heart rate and systolic blood pressure. It is also being evaluated for antibacterial properties.

A trademark brand of black pepper extract containing Piperine. This material is known to change metabolism of many nutrients and drugs in intestinal absorption. This is achieved by slowing transit rate thereby prolonging potential uptake time.

Increase calcium absorption, promotes growth and mineralization of the bones, protects against amino acid loss. Vitamin D is not present in very many foods so it is typically low in populations. It can be formed in the body by exposure to ultraviolet light.

Material is a sulfated polysaccharide commonly found in brown algae and seaweed. It has immunotropic and anticoagulating properties and exerts antitumor activity.

This glycoside is an antioxidant, free radial scavenger and promotes blood vessel health. It is a citrus flavonoid found in many fruits and berries.

Occurs naturally in body as a major component of cartilage. Often effective in treating osteo-arthritis of the finger, knee and hip joints.

Water soluble potent antioxidant, and free radical scavenger. Reduce cellular DNA damage, promotes vascular health, reduce exercise induced oxidative damage, and reduces arterial blockage (blood clots)

The citrate and hydrous form is very soluble with enhanced bioavailability.

An amino sugar with anti-inflammatory properties. HCL is found in joint fluids and may be effective in treating bone disease and circulation problems.

Methylsulfonylmethane used to treat bone inflammation and source of biologically active sulfur. Often used to treat arthritis problems and oxidative stress.